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festival closing party!

30 Aug

stay tuned for the latest in announcements for this Fridays closing party!
we begin at 12noon
till late

Andy Brown at 7pm
we will create a mobile party proccession
stoping at a few select secret locations….


Art Late

20 Aug

Next Thursday KOMACHI is part of the Edinburgh Art Festival Art Late

Between 3 – 8pm we will jost a variety of artists, including:

Paul Vickers – Twonkeys Cottage

Experience new material from Vickers, not yet seen in this years Fringe

Enfant Bastard

and more!

The A Band

19 Aug


from 3pm


come and see The A Band play their live experimental music.

feel musical today? — You can even join in! — four star review!

today is the final day of Heather Craig and Leon Hill’s exhibition, so catch it whilst you can!

Life is but a dream……

15 Aug




featuring Dan Mutch & Alun Thomas from the Leg

Her Royal Highness

11 Aug

Thursday 7pm ish




11 Aug

Fountain is up!

Pretty much all, apart from site specific happenings and performance, is up!

Check out the map

alternatively join us for a tour, each wednesday 5pm at KOMACHI

next Zine published tomorrow!

we have a new fan…

7 Aug

mr H

check it out we are number 9!

we love you too Mr H!

week 1

3 Aug

The first week in and looking good!

The performance was enjoyed by all and talk of new collaborations have formed.

Our artists this week are Fee Scroggie and Dr Neupop, who have decided to show their work separately through this week.

Fee is actually going to be in today, so catch her if you can, as she will be adding new work.

As for Fountain things are still coming together! All site specific works should be up by next weeks tour. Also watch out for unscheduled events, as there will be a variety of happenings to follow.

22 Jul

Just over a week to go and things are developing quickly!

Many local artists have joined in the last few weeks, and it looks to be an exciting show both inside and outside of the gallery.

The opening night will feature the first in our installments of the Orakle performances. Starting at 8pm.

We will then follow the evening witha small DJ set in the garden.

We are also happy to announce that a whole host of different local bands and musical talent will be joining us for our regular band sessions due to take place each Thursday during the festival. Although occassionally this will now extend to Fridays as well. Details soon to follow, athough we can already confirm that appearances from Her Royal Highness and the A Band


A Band

It looks to be an exciting and experiemental couple of weeks ahead!

Muscles Of Joy

13 Apr

“Muscles of Joy are a Glasgow-based band, who often use improvisation, unconventional musical techniques and self-made instruments. Since forming in 2008, this all female band has played to critical acclaim at Stereo, CCA, and the Bridge in Glasgow, Dundee Contemporary Arts and Le Weekend festival in Stirling.

Muscles of Joy are: Anne-Marie Copestake, Jenny O’ Boyle, Ariki Porteous, Leigh Ferguson, Katy Dove, Sophie Macpherson, Charlotte Prodger and Victoria Morton”

————-want to come to this gig as our very special guests?
there may even be other surprises in store too…