How to make something happen… a guide

Step one…

is quite simpley DO IT!
There are far too many people now days, especially young people who are happy to sit on by lethargically and complain about how things aren’t happening. Think about the generations before you, and what they fought for and achieved, make it happen now!
Don’t just swallow it, if you beleive in something, never doubt the spirit you have, seriously, you are a lot smarter than you think, just do it and see what happens, its a promise you will be pleasantly surprised.

Ok so you got your idea
you can either go about it the sensible way or the other way, the other way would lead you to begin doing things immediately, and figure out how to resolve things as you go along — which is great and the most immediate and perhaps most interesting way.
To do so the sensible way, will however lead your idea to have more longivity and here, organisation, and a team of people is key.

Step two
Figure out, either in your head and heart what you want to achieve, your focus, maybe you already knew what this was from the start, but its important to write it down somewhere, so as not to stray from it. If you are taking the more sensible approach, then this step should include holding a meeting and writting down some kind of manifesto (of sorts) outlining what you want to make and your ethics in doing so and also what you hope this will mean for the other people involved, ie the people who may come to experience your idea as an audience.

Step three
Organisation is key. Be that your own, your team, or those with whom you are working with. This doesnt mean to say that there isnt room for chance or other things happening, it is important to structure a way in which these things will be acheived.
You could be the one man army, or you could be the fuckin army, either way, without being organised in someway you will never manage the full potential of your idea. Even anarchists have to organise!

Step four

Step five
If you get this far I LOVE YOU

Step six
Understand that things may not happen over night. Sounds pretty obvious, but don’t expect to gain a true following quickly, keep at it, and people will begin to hear, and they will come back and they will talk to you and you will feel very happy.
On this note though, don’t expect that anyone will ever tell you, or let you know that they think its great, they do! — They just don’t think they need to tell you!

Step seven
Remember what you said in the beginning.

Step eight
Let others in. You will encounter people that may have done this before, or something similar or are simply inspired by what you have done. Its a revolution! People have to join it!
Spread the word!!!



One Response to “How to make something happen… a guide”

  1. Sean Cartwright April 30, 2010 at 11:02 pm #

    Or simply google the words Sean Cartwright Photo Montage. I would like to help with some of the happenings at the gallery. I am almost (barring hoover repair man) just next door during the day. And I have been involved with art in some way since I was a child. Originally it was comics I drew inspired by films on TV. In the 90’s I got deeper into cut-up images. I have been veering towards digital work but still create large original works using glue and scissors.

    I have experience in organising events, though I am not the most organisational mind. I’m pretty good at lifting and nailing and procuring.

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